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A wide-band oxygen sensor is pretty much a must for what we are doing here. Bosch is the only manufacturer of these sensors I am aware of. The wide-band precision of the sensor is achieved by a relatively sophisticated magic which happens inside the sensor, that's why 5 or 6 wises and that's why the sensor requires it's own controller (brain). Since there are at least two kinds of sensors it's safer to buy a kit.

As of April 2016 rusEfi does not have build-in WBO controller.

Wide-band controllers range from $35.00 for http://www.14point7.com/products/slc-free ($85 with sensor) all the way to high-200 for kits with a gauge.

TODO: an explanation why narrow band works for OEM but now for what we are doing here.

Bosch LSU 4.2 http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/media/catalog_resources/Lambda_Sensor_LSU_42_Datasheet_51_en_2779111435pdf.pdf


AEM 30-4100 Digital Wideband UEGO Gauge (donated by AlexL)

35-8469 35-8460 gauge

replacement sensor AEM 30-2001 alternative parts 2243, 170408, 48292001, 12575657, 213-1572, Type B, 57005 Manufacturer Part Number: 0258007206

"The resistor is put into the raised portion of the Plug end and is used to set the calibration of the sensor during the testing and assembly process at Bosch. When you change the O2 sensor, the resistor stays with it."

Based on LSU4.2, "Each AEM UEGO sensor is individually calibrated and a resistor integral at the connector body is laser trimmed with this value."

0v = 10AFR 5v = 20AFR


Aem UEGO pinout.png


1j0973733 Bosch 4.2 6 pin connector available everywhere