Volvo 940 b230fk uaEFI

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Volvo 940 b230fk uaEFI

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Not exactly my build, but it's my friends but at least and I'm involved 😃

The car is a real rustbucket that we decided to use as a Ice racing car the last part of its life! And things get out of hand pretty fast (as always? 😆) The first engine blew just after 3.5 laps around the ICE track🤣 low oil pressure, guess upped boost and stock ecu and an 450000km engine don't work great!

So first we had to replace the engine, and that's no real problem if you live in the land of b230 (Swedens LS). So we put in a fresh(er) engine that's only done 290000km 😆

And when you already have torn everything apart already you just can't leave it stock can you? Ofc not! So the engine got a Holset hx35w (chinese) Siemens deka 875cc, bosch 044 (chinese) and ofc a rusEFI uaEFI!
We are using the original coil, ignitor, distributor almost everything stock, just added some sensors such as GM 3bar map sensor and bosch IAT, bosch tps from Volvo 850.

We were hoping to have made some 300hp this weekend but we ran in to some boost creep problems unfortunately 😥
But we took the turbo apart and ported the wastegate port and modified the twin entry (Wall?) And hopefully this works! I will update when theres progress made 😀

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Re: Volvo 940 b230fk uaEFI

Post by Spotious »

Very great work mate, i'm looking for the ueafi too, i know it's very cheap and have all we need to tune any engine. Keep us in touch, we will be glad to see your work done !
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Re: Volvo 940 b230fk uaEFI

Post by RuMoDK »

I've used the hx35w as well, and also experienced boost creep. And its not little. I've ported the stock wastegate to within 1,5mm of the original flapper and also also knifeedged the divider to bias towards the wastegate. I didnt experience the same boost creep, but still enough to have it be troublesome. I think i'd want to remove the divider down to atleast beyond the wastegate flap. I really like the hx35, they sound so good. Is yours a 7-wing compressor wheel?
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