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1 #pragma once
3 // TriggerScheduler here is an intermediate tooth-based scheduler working on top of time-base scheduler
4 // *kludge*: individual event for *Trigger*Scheduler is called *Angle*BasedEvent. Shall we rename to ToothSchedule and ToothBasedEvent?
5 class TriggerScheduler : public EngineModule {
6 public:
7  // *kludge* we have three methods with *schedule* in the name meaning three different things
8  // this method just places event into the collection of tooth-based events
9  void schedule(const char *msg, AngleBasedEvent* event, angle_t angle, action_s action);
11  // 'schedule' means 'delegates to time-based scheduler' and 'queue' here matches the 'schedule' method above
12  bool scheduleOrQueue(const char *msg, AngleBasedEvent *event,
13  efitick_t edgeTimestamp,
14  angle_t angle,
15  action_s action,
16  float currentPhase, float nextPhase);
18  // scheduleForActualTimeBasedExecution using underlying time-base scheduler
20  efitick_t edgeTimestamp,
21  float currentPhase, float nextPhase);
25 #endif // EFI_UNIT_TEST
27 private:
28  void schedule(const char *msg, AngleBasedEvent* event, action_s action);
30  bool assertNotInList(AngleBasedEvent *head, AngleBasedEvent *element);
32  /**
33  * That's the linked list of pending events scheduled in relation to trigger
34  * At the moment we iterate over the whole list while looking for events for specific
35  * trigger index We can make it an array of lists per trigger index, but that would take
36  * some RAM and probably not needed yet.
37  */
39 };
AngleBasedEvent * m_angleBasedEventsHead
bool assertNotInList(AngleBasedEvent *head, AngleBasedEvent *element)
AngleBasedEvent * getElementAtIndexForUnitTest(int index)
bool scheduleOrQueue(const char *msg, AngleBasedEvent *event, efitick_t edgeTimestamp, angle_t angle, action_s action, float currentPhase, float nextPhase)
void schedule(const char *msg, AngleBasedEvent *event, angle_t angle, action_s action)
void scheduleEventsUntilNextTriggerTooth(int rpm, efitick_t edgeTimestamp, float currentPhase, float nextPhase)
float angle_t
Definition: rusefi_types.h:58