Maine Capabilities:


We are very flexible and we have many disciplines under our belt, if you have a need, we can either engineer it, or we are knowledgeable about how to get it done. We can do just about any type of engineering out there, you will not get "that's not my department" feel from us.


We can design most things smaller than a house. Often done with CAD and CAM including thermal, stress Finite Element Analysis.


Every thing from 460/1/60, to 220/1/50 to 12VDC. Consumer products, industrial controls, PID controls, it makes no difference to us.


Longly Rice propagation studies, as well as NEC analysis. SDR, Analog, Digital, 1.5 MHz up to 10 GHz, a wide range of possibilities.

Telephone and Infrastructure:

Office multi phone PBX systems, VOIP DHCP, web page servers, we do it all.


Linux, Microsoft, Solid modeling, Radio modeling, embedded or PC interfacing to the web, were familiar many pieces of software, anything that we aren't up to date on we can learn in short order.

Past Performance:

JL Products Service & Design has designed and drafted specifications for others to build and implement. In situations where that wasn’t the best approach, we have also designed and field implemented solutions in house. We can scale to the needs of a particular solution.

JL Products Service & Design has found innovative solutions that are often hard to find with other companies. When you’re a carpenter, problems start to look like nails. Our well rounded skill set, allows us to allocate the correct tool for the correct job. This has resulted in solutions that better match the needs they are fulfilling.


BS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

AS in Mechanical Engineering

FCC licensed general class ham KB1GTT

Company Principal:

JL Products Service & Design a very flexible company that can tailor to a variety of our clients engineering needs. We typically operate on a contract basis doing various engineering related work. We are a very friendly easy to work with company. So feel free to contact us if you feel the need.


Company Information:

JL Products Service & Design is a small family owned company located in West Newfield Maine. We have been in business for more than 5 years. There are no jobs to small, and only a few that are too large for us. We can tailor to your needs.


Contact Information:

JL Products Service & Design

31 Coolidge Street

West Newfield, ME 04095

Phone (207) 793-8594

Fax (207) 793-8594




♦ Globalpak, Somersworth New Hampshire - Setup PVC shrink sleeve rolling and gluing machine, reducing the required inventory and allowing odd sized shrink PVC products.

♦ Poole Sheet Metal, Brentwood New Hampshire - Setup CNC punch machine, which expands thief potential work base.

♦ Peterson Design Build, West Newfield Maine - Residential structural design.

♦ Candia Woods, Candia New Hampshire - Built one wireless remote control for controlling several ceiling mounted fans.

♦ The Oaks Golf Links, Somersworth New Hampshire - Sump pump design, and construction management.

♦ Engim, Acton Massachusetts - Infrastructure support and implementation for advanced ASIC design company.

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